Where is the Best Orthopedic Surgery Center in Tustin, CA? by Howard Marans MD

When facing the potential need for orthopedic surgery, every patient deserves the best quality of care. OC Orthopedic, run by Dr. Howard Marans, is the top orthopedic surgery center in Tustin.

OC Orthopedic will use the latest and most thorough diagnostic exams available to determine if surgery is the best answer for eachpatient, or if an issue or injury should be treated with more conservative non-surgical treatments. If it is determined that a patient needs surgical intervention in order to improve function, quality of life, or return to sports following an injury, OC Orthopedic specializes in minimally invasive surgical techniques that return the patient to activity quickly and without breaking their bank.

OC Orthopedic Surgical Specialties

Arthroscopic Surgery – This is a minimally invasive surgery where small incisions are made near a joint for the purpose of a surgeon to insert a camera and instruments into the area for diagnosis and repair. When knee pain, for example, is due to an injury to the meniscus, ligaments, or other soft tissues, the tissues can be repaired or removed with arthroscopy. Other joints with complex soft tissue problems that respond well to arthroscopic surgery in addition to the knee include the hip, shoulder, spine,or wrist. Recovery happens more quickly than with major invasive surgeries, due to the smaller incisions and fewer side effects. It does not even require a hospital stay. In most cases, arthroscopic surgery is used when conservative treatment options such as physical therapy, lifestyle changes, or medications to decrease inflammation have failed to improve measureable pain or quality of life.

Open Reduction/Internal Fixation – When a bone is fractured, many times surgical intervention isn’t necessary. A simple fracture, where abone is cracked but remains in place, will usually heal on its own with casting or bracing. When a bone is broken into several pieces or moves out of place upon breaking, internal fixation surgery is necessary in order to prevent future complications. During surgery, a device such as a rod, pin, screw, or plate will be fixated to the bone in order to hold the bone in place to promote healthy healing. All fractures, regardless of whether they need surgical intervention or not, are a medical emergency and need to be addressed immediately. X-rays and other imaging tests will be done to help a surgeon know how to best treat the injury.

Non-Surgical Treatment Options

Sometimes, after an initial examination, it will be determined by the doctor that surgery isn’t the first, best, or only option fora patient. At OC Orthopedic, non-surgical treatments are available forconditions including arthritis, injuries, and pain. Non-surgical treatments mayinclude physical therapy, lifestyle changes, medication, steroid injections, and more.

OC Orthopedic is also the best orthopedic surgery center inTustin for Sports Medicine. Understanding that athletes have the need to returnto full function as soon as possible after an injury, surgical and non-surgicaloptions are used to treat injuries quickly and effectively.

All patients receive comprehensive patient education as partof their treatment. Empowering patients with knowledge that they need tounderstand their injury or condition and how to avoid and prevent future injuryis always an important part of the goals and philosophy of patient care at OC Orthopedic.

Best Orthopedic Surgery Center in Tustin

When searching for the best orthopedic surgery center inTustin, you do not have to look further than Dr. Howard Marans’ OC Orthopedic. Dr. Marans’ expertise, extensive diagnostic exams, and use of minimally invasive surgical techniques are the winning ingredients that provide every patient with the highest quality care. The office is always happy to take your calls or answer your questions, so please click below to schedule your consultation or call us at 714.979.8981

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